7 Ways To Train the Brain to Be Positive

7 Ways to Train The Brain to Be Positive

We live in a crazy world, there is no doubt about it. It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of sadness, anger, and frustration. Is happiness and positivity even an option during challenging times? Yes, the good news is that it can be done. Even in hard times, people can show up to life with a positive presence by using these 7 ways to train the brain to be positive.

1. Train the Brain to Wake Up on the Right Side of The Bed

Right Side of the Bed

Think about a time when you overslept because of hitting the snooze button one too many times. It puts you behind schedule and leads to rushing from tasks to task all day long. When this happens you’re attracting more stress, frustration and pressure. Think of yourself as a magnet. Are you attracting stress or peace? Take control of the morning by waking up every day at the same time. Form a morning routine that gives you time to wake up and settle into the day peacefully.

2. Train the Brain to Be Thankful

Get your coffee, find somewhere quiet, and settle into the morning. Get comfortable and use this time to reflect. Think about what you are thankful for. What happened yesterday that was awesome, impactful, or a personal win? Write it down. Look around, what are your biggest blessings at this exact moment? Write them down.

Personally, I start each morning by drawing three hearts on a blank page of my bullet journal, followed by what I’m thankful for. Some use a gratitude journal, diary, or a plain notebook works just fine. Writing it down makes it real and sends positive ways to the brain which will help frame your thoughts.

3. Train the Brain to Love Yourself

Guilt is a terrible feeling. It follows you around like an unhappy rain cloud. Move over, gray clouds, it’s your time to stand in the sun. Start by reading and writing down a positive affirmation. Revisit this powerful statement several times throughout the day.

Love Yourself Writing

I typically write my own affirmations based on how I’m feeling at the moment. I take it a step further by sharing my thought on the Strong Female Boss Facebook page. Starting each day off reminding yourself that you are enough will eventually train your brain to believe it.

4. Train The Brain to Be Present

It’s a crazy, busy and connected world we live in. It’s easy for our minds to drift away from the present moment when thoughts of future plans, to-dos, and ideas bubble up. When we let our minds go wild it’s challenging to focus on the present moment. Take dinner with the family as an example. Mom and Dad are on their phones, the toddler is watching YouTube on an Ipad and the teenager would rather eat in his room and play Fortnite. In the big picture of life whats on the phone, the iPad, or Xbox really doesn’t matter. Put the electronics down and be fully engaged in what is happening at this exact moment. Nothing else matters.

5. Train the Brain to Weed Out Negativity

Debbie downer is at it again. This is the person that complains about everything. It’s easy for the Debbies of the world to find the worst in every situation. They gossip, talk negatively, and are argumentative. Who knows, you might even be a Debbie yourself. Even if you are, that’s okay because we can train our brains to weed out the negativity by merely having an open mind.

Even if you don’t agree, be okay with acknowledging and accepting the situation and then move on. Often times, when I start to get negative or frustrated I ask myself in the big picture of my whole life “does this really matters”? I take it a step further by picturing myself on my death bed and then think is the backhanded statement someone made going to matter. Probably not. Take the information, put it on a shelf, and do not engage or welcome negative thoughts or people into your life.

6. Train Your Brain To SmiLe

Smiling is one of the greatest gifts to humanity. It releases endorphins to the brain and almost instantly makes you happier and more positive. I get it, not everyone is a smiler, especially when life is challenging. It may sound crazy, but smile when it’s hard. It really can change everything.

Smiling Faces

Dealing with a big problem at work, smile. When your workout has taken everything out of you, smile. Someone around you is complaining yet again, smile. Eventually, smiling will train the brain to be happy. Remember, smiling is contagious. Every smile that is put into the world creates more happiness for everyone.

7. Train The Brain To Rest

Like the body needs sleep, your brain needs to rest as well. This is especially hard for those of us with hyperactive brains. The good news is the brain can be trained to slow down and take a break by meditating. Meditation can sound scary and intimidating to some.

I’m certainly no expert on the topic but this is what I do know. Even giving yourself a few minutes a day to stop to acknowledge your thoughts can make a huge difference in how you feel. If at work, stop and take a break. Close down your email, put your phone on silent, and just take in the surroundings. These mini-breaks in the day give the brain time to catch up to the body leading to more peace, happiness, and positive vibes.

Train the Brain to Live a Beautifully Balanced Life

If you have a goal to find peace and happiness in life, being positive is a great place to start. Don’t get frustrated on the path to positivity. It’s like preparing for a marathon, training the brain takes time and patience. Don’t give up.

Live a Balanced Life

Love Yourself, Appreciate Others and Stay Strong. You got this!

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