The Strong Female Boss

The Strong Female Boss - Lauren Hersey Before and After

When you think of a Strong Female Boss, what comes to mind? I originally thought of a Strong Female Boss as a boss, in a power suit, ready to rule the world. I pictured a successful person crushing it at work with unmatched courage and confidence.

Having some success as a young female led to my desire to pay it forward. The original vision for this website was to create a community for up-and-coming professional women to share advice, stories, and best practices for climbing the corporate ladder.  From the time Strong Female Boss popped into my head, the meaning behind those power packed words has changed dramatically. The mission of this blog has changed dramatically, because I have changed dramatically.

Strong Female Boss in the Making

In 2019 I hit a speed bump on my accelerated path to success.  Moving a million miles a minute and striving to be perfect was exhausting. Being a working mom with a big job is no joke and certainly not for the faint of heart. This busy life filled with mile long to-do lists and constant running was wearing me down. Every time I tried to pump the breaks; it felt like another thing was added to my plate. Change was inevitable.

The Vision of a Strong Female Boss

Around this time my friend Sherrie Dunlevy held a Vision Board Workshop. I was hopeful that this exercise could help me cast a new vision for my life. Before all the cutting and pasting, we started by thinking about the life we wanted to live. We wrote things down like who we wanted to become, things we wanted to have and experience along with how we wanted to feel.

I cut out pictures of a clock for time management, a very “zen” looking girl doing yoga, and a picture of a woman who looked so confident and strong, holding a baby on her hip. I cut her out, stuck her to the paper and wrote the words Strong Female Boss.

Though I enjoyed the experience and was excited about the thought of my future life, nothing really changed until the world-wide lock down happened. My world came to a screeching halt, along with everyone else’s, which forced me to slow down and reflect on my life.

Eric (husband) and I with our vision boards.

What I desperately wanted was to be a present mother for my kids, while building a successful career. Instead of striving for work life balance, I was striving for perfection…. which was exhausting. Showing up for everyone and everything left little or no time to take care of myself. Soon after this revelation, the meaning of Strong Female Boss changed for me, because I was ready to change.

My desire was to live a more Balanced and Peaceful existence, and the vision board served as a constant reminder of what I wanted. I knew it wasn’t going to happen overnight that’s when I started Strong Female Boss (this website) to document my journey to finding Work/Life Balance.

Vision Board for 2020

Traits of a Strong Female Boss

  • I think of a Strong Female Boss as a person that is confident, calm and in control of their life.
  • They believe that they really can have it all.
  • A Strong Female Boss strives to live a balanced life, and their priorities are aligned.
  • They never appear to be rushed or frustrated.
  • A Strong Female Boss makes time for family, work, and play.
  • They make time to care for their mind, body, and spirit as much as they  take care of others.
  • Their life is in harmony with everything around them.
  • A Strong Female Boss makes life look easy.
  • They are happy and their mere presence lights up a room.
  • People want to know a Strong Female Boss.
  • They feel uplifted, empowered, and inspired by their presence.

A Strong Female Boss; lives inside of all of us. Life is not meant to be made up of constant pain and struggle. I believe we are here living this human experience to learn, evolve, grow, love, and find the joy in the journey.

Strong Female Boss Family (2022)

The Future of Strong Female Boss

Life is busy, messy, and sometimes stressful but I decided to embrace this beautiful disaster. Through the hardest years of my life, I found myself, perfectly imperfect. I’ve spent years reading countless books on personal, professional, and spiritual development, along with time management and productivity. I’ve taken up bullet journaling, live and die by my morning routine and have successfully calmed the chaos.

By reimagining my life, I’ve slowed down, learned, and leaned into the best version of myself. My truest passion and purpose is to lift others up wherever they are and walk with them on the path to living a more beautifully balanced life. If you are ready to make some positive and consistent changes, stay tuned.

Parting thoughts

You’re a diamond. This life can’t break you because you were meant to shine. “YOU” are the Strong Female Boss. You’ve Got This!

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