#SwapMyLife | Self Improvement Challenge

#SwapMyLife | Self Improvement Challenge

Do you know what is killing you? COVID 19 has taught me some powerful lessons about life and my existence. Can COVID kill me? Probably. If I wear a mask and wash my hands, I figure my odds are fairly good.

What’s more likely to kill me are things like Obesity, Anxiety/Depression/Stress, Sickness, and Chemicals. For these reasons, I’m committing to the #SwapMyLife Self Improvement Challenge. Life is short, we should embrace who we are by looking and feeling our best.

What is the #SwapMyLife Challenge?

After discovering that September was indeed Self Improvement month, I got on board quickly. I eagerly searched for things that I could do or learn more about to help me feel better each day. Through my research, I discovered that tweaking some of the recent habits that I’ve incorporated in my day could also make a massive impact.

Towards the end of the month, I was so excited about all the things I learned that it motivated me to create my own trendy challenge like the ones you see floating around social media called #SwapMyLife.

This hashtag is different than your normal social challenge because it represents the life-saving commitment to me. My promise is to swap out things that are bad for me and replace them with things that will make me happier or healthier. Simple, right?

#SwapMyLife Challenge 1: Weight loss

WebMD says that unhealthy diets are killing more people globally than smoking or high blood pressure. Also, this is a hot topic as people continue to search for ways to ditch the COVID- 15. Until recently I would have been right along with you.

Instead of forcing myself into one of the latest fad diets to drop the pounds, my commitment is to find new ways to add more movement to my day and eat more foods that make me feel good. If I do this consistently my hope is to stop the love-hate relationship that I have with food and put this lifelong battle to rest.

CHALLENGE 2: Aniexty/Depression/Stress

Right now, 40% of people have admitted to struggling with mental illness. That doesn’t count all the people that were too embarrassed to raise their hand when asked. This pandemic has been traumatic on so many levels. Suicide rates are up, and it’s proven that people are far more anxious.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that we may all need a little more happiness in our lives. Sure, I can tell you how to train your brain to be positive or expose what the happy people know. But what are some of the little things that we can be doing every day that can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression? This one is important to me, so I plan to go all in.

#SwapMyLife Challenge 4 – Tackling Sickness

Don’t let your mind go right to COVID, because I know it did. Staying healthy is so much more than that. Who has time to deal with sinus infections, stomach bugs, or even the flu? Strong Female Boss is devoted to helping people live a balanced life, and being sick isn’t one of those things that help so, buh-bye!

Your body will tell you when it’s not at peak performance, but are you listening? My recent battle with shingles proved that I was not listening close enough to my body. I promise if you are not dealing with your mental challenges, it can lead to physical symptoms. This month, I plan to bless my body in so many ways and focus on building my immune system.

Challenge 4 – Reduce Chemicals and Toxins

Have you ever looked at the labels on your food or cleaning products? Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!! Recently I’ve been learning more about what is in our favorite products and some of them need to be kicked out of my life for good.

The worst part is, that a lot of our daily “go tos” are actually causing a lot of our sicknesses. This may be hard to do, especially with my littles at home but I will be trying to supplement some healthier alternatives this month. Pray for me!

#SwapMyLife | The Commitment

This isn’t going to be easy but I am publicly committing to #SwapMyLife. It sounds a little dramatic but this is really the life-saving commitment that I’m making to myself. 30 days of trying new things or highlighting things that I’ve recently learned about that will ensure a happier and healthier tomorrow. Follow Along on my Facebook Page or subscribe for weekly updates.

Get Healthy, Be Happy, and Stay Strong!

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