What the Happy People Know

What the Happy People Know

You know them, you love them, and sometimes you are left wondering how “The Happy People” got to be that way. Are they born happy or is this life skill developed over time? I’m not sure, but something that I do know is that happy people think differently and have a WAY different outlook on life than Mad Matt, Sad Sam, or Angry Alex.

Being one of the “Happy People” isn’t hard, they may just know things that you don’t know. Do you want to be happier? You’re in luck, here are five ways that can help you become one of the Happy People.

The Law of Reciprocity

Have you ever wondered why some people always get the birthday cards, the chicken soup when they are sick and often are flooded with compliments? How many times have you asked yourself, why nobody is bringing you roses and cookies when you’ve had a difficult day? This may be hard but take a hard look at yourself for a second. Are you a giver or a taker?

The Happy People know about the Law of Reciprocity, which means if you do nice things for others and they will want to do nice things for you. I’ve lived this mantra before I even knew it was a law. I’ve always operated by the philosophy of ” If I put good out in the universe, I will get good back”. This way of life hasn’t failed me yet.


The “Happy People” are grateful. They don’t focus on all the things they don’t have. Instead, they focus on and appreciate the many blessings that they do have. Personally, I wake up every morning and thank God that I’ve been given another day. What a Blessing!

Happy People don’t stop there, they have gratitude journals, diaries, and planners. Some people may just jot down what they are thankful for at the moment. PRO TIP: Try writing down 3 things you are grateful for every morning for 30 days., it will blow your mind, how quickly your perception of the world can change.

Embrace the Now

The Happy People live in the now. The past is gone, and the future hasn’t happened yet, stay present. They put their phones down, hear the birds chirp, and bask in the joy of kids laughing. Happy people smile, sit back, and take it all in.

These warm, confident, and caring people have trained their brains to be this way using tools like yoga, and meditation. Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation helps the brain to slow down and chill. When you’re relaxed you embrace the chaos and don’t freak out about the small things.

The “Happy People” enjoy inner peace and know that they are exactly where they need to be. I always say, everything in life happens for a reason, we just don’t what it is yet. Go with the flow.

Judges and Grudges Must Go

Will people hurt your feelings, lie to you, and stab you in the back at some point? Yes, they will. The Happy People know how to let it go because they see life from a Birds Eye View. In the big picture of life, is that one mean thing someone said about you worth holding a grudge over? Probably not. You are in control of how you let people and situations make you feel. Take a backseat and just observe, the people hurting others are hurting themselves.

Stop judging others, PLEASE just stop. If you’ve skimmed up until this point STOP and take this one in. Life is all about perspective. Look at it this way, you could have $1 dollar to your name and think you have everything that you need in life OR you could have a million dollars and feel like you still need more. Until you’ve walked a mile in another person’s shoes, treat everyone with dignity, respect, love, and acceptance. Doing this would make the world a better place.

Find the Good

The Happy People can always make a mean glass of lemonade when lemons are being hurled at their faces. They see challenges as opportunities and find the good in almost every situation. Having an open mind and having an open heart can easily open the door to happiness. This trait is often accompanied by loving to learn and trying new things. Finding the good, will help build genuine, strong, and solid relationships for years to come.

Change Your Mind To Change Your Life

Well folks, what it really boils down to is, are you an “us” or “them”. It’s your choice. You only get one life, and tomorrow is not promised. Will you stay stagnant or will you grow? It’s not too late. Start by changing your mind to start changing your life. The Happy People are waiting.

Smile, Stay Present, and Stay Strong. You Got This!

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