How To Get What You Want Every Time

How to Get What You Want every time

In a perfect world, we would get what we want, when we wanted it., right? Ha! Wouldn’t that be nice? What if I told you that more often than not, this could be your reality. A new car, sure. Dream job, check the box. How about a perfect marriage, done. I’ve said it a million times, as women we really can have it all. Dream big Princess, because we only have one life to live so buckle up. I’m going to share with you some lessons that I’ve learned that will show you how to get what you want, every time.

You’re In Control

As humans, we are pretty spectacular and powerful. We have been given the greatest gift, the power of choice. You’re in control of your mind and your happiness, but how? First and foremost, you get back what you put into the world. Changing your mind will change your life.

Let me give you an example. Say your boss just got fired for being a slacker. This is the job… no, it’s “the” career that you’ve dreamed about for years. You know that you can do this job and that it would make you happy. Plus the bump in pay would make buying the things you want and need easier. It’s happening, you’ve updated your resume and it looks great! Finally, it’s ready but you never hit send. Wait, why?! Oh, it’s because someone, somewhere at some time told you that you weren’t good enough. Even if they didn’t directly say it, that’s what you felt so it’s real.

Change or Chance

Decision time, you have two choices. A. Take the risk, jump off the cliff with no parachute, and see what happens or B. Do nothing. Sweetheart, we only have one life, close your eyes, and take a leap of faith and remember there is power in the positioning. Be like Elsa and Let.It.Go!

Blank Slate

The beauty of life is that you’re a new person every day. You are no longer who you were yesterday. Embrace it! Instead of saying why not, ask yourself what if. Our time on this earth has an expiration date. Why spend one day not doing what you love, feeling confident, and being happy? So what if you fail, learn, and keep going. You can believe your way to your dreams… you know the whole Law of Attraction thing.

Set The Goal

Are you having trouble determining your goals? We’ve all been there. Start by using your imagination. I’m working on my Law of Attraction Planner right now. A recent exercise was to design your perfect life and be descriptive. Last weekend I woke up at 5:30 am and the words started to flow. My dream life was so beautiful, peaceful, and calm. I was present and it was blissful. I’ve thought about that life every day since then. I’m willing to do anything in my power to make that my reality someday. You can do it too, start off by writing “ I am grateful for” and then describe your perfect life as if it already has happened.

The Vision

Once the vision is fresh, I highly recommend creating a vision board. When you’re ready to set and achieve your goals start by looking at the buckets of your life first. Family, health, spirituality, career, finances, and relationships are the buckets we are filling. Get some magazines or do online searching to find pictures that represent the perfect vision of your life. Nothing is off-limits. Once the masterpiece is complete, all bets are off. It’s in the universe now.

Magnetic Pull

Magnetic Pull for your Goal

What Happens Now? You will receive what your energy is attracting or will you unknowingly repel it. The goal repellent is called, fear, doubt, and disbelief. Ask yourself, how bad do you want it? If you totally believe that you CAN have it and that you DESERVE it, then you will. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is.

I’ll Believe It When I See It

I designed my first ever vision board in January. I went into the exercise with some reservations, but fully trusted in the process and at this point 6 months later I’ve received every one of the things on my board. I attribute it to having the belief, faith, and determination to go after the things that I want. The things that will bring me peace, joy, and happiness.

2020 Vision Board - Lauren Hersey

My visions weren’t small, and as I was cutting and pasting I had a little doubt. How could I possibly have time to run a successful blog, be a working mom, volunteer, and be a helper to all? Was I being selfish for wanting this? I’m not a web designer and I didn’t know SEO. Deep down, I heard a whisper say “so what”. I believed so hard that I needed to start this blog and I was determined to do whatever it took to get it off the ground. My purpose, here on earth is to help others. If Strong Female Boss helps just one person this all has all been worth it.

Moving Forward

Here is another example. I wanted to move. It actually took me a month after the vision board workshop for me to have the confidence to add it to my vision board. It was a scary, big, and intimidating decision to make. I’d be moving away from everything that I know and the thought was nerve-racking. Again, I weighed out the pros and cons until one day it hit me. Moving would make my life better in so many ways. I asked why am I getting in the way of my future happiness? I told myself that just because it’s on the board doesn’t mean it is a “right now” decision. If it happened, I would not resist it.

That was all she wrote. I was nervous as searched, cut and pasted this beautiful home to my board. In a blink of an eye, BOOM houses started to present themselves. I didn’t push it away, instead, I went with the flow. Within a month we bought the dream house and ours in was under contract in less than 48 hours.

Be Open

The beauty is once you put your feeling aside and your open to receiving, like a magnet, your energy will attract everything you want in this life. Be willing to get uncomfortable and put in the work. Discomfort breeds growth, get used to it.

Free your mind of unnecessary heavy feelings. When someone makes you mad,  let it go. Frustrated because you’re stuck in traffic again, view it as a blessing and give yourself time to reflect. Train the Brain to be Positive. This will lighten life’s load. When the brain starts to go negative, be grateful instead. Leading the day with a grateful heart can be life-changing.

Open Mind

What Are You Waiting For?

YOLO Hunny, you only live once. Figure out what you want, Set Your Goals, and run towards them. Let go of the fear and thoughts of failure, let go of the self-doubt, replace it will love, gratitude, and belief. Ask, Believe and you will Receive. Do this and I promise, you can get what you want every time.

Master List

  • Believe in Yourself
  • Design Your Perfect Life
  • Set the Goal
  • Create The Vision
  • Be Open
  • Truly Believe That You Will Achieve Your Goals

Keep your eye on the prize, a beautifully balanced life awaits. Be driven, go after what you want, and enjoy the journey. Stay Strong. You got this!

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